We offer expert advice on all your immigration, travel and business needs. Our team of professional consultants are highly experienced in Canadian Immigration laws with adequate training and certifications to ensure you are provided the best legal advice and assistance for your personal and organizational decisions.


The power of an international degree can never be over emphasized. Having a varying perspective and exploring the global dimensions of your career is the right step towards securing a marketable degree.

Some of our study destinations include Canada, America, United Kingdom, Australia and we are working on expanding our portfolio. We partner with several educational institutions (secondary schools, colleges and universities) across all our study destinations. Our institution placement services is responsible for assessing your academic credentials such as transcripts, grades and test scores to determine the best fit for you. Based on your data, we will provide guidance, counselling and advice to ensure you get speedy admission processing to some of the top schools in the world. All our partner institutions are accredited and highly reputable so, you can be rest assured you will be coming out with internationally recognized degrees.

We partner with over 70 internationally recognized institutions around the world. We also strive to get the best scholarship options for our clients. Download our study application form here.


International students are required to get a study permit or visa in other to be able to study abroad at any college or university. At Xportia Global Services Limited, we recognize that every country has its own immigration laws and policies. Our experienced team of consultants are able to provide you advice with the latest immigration policies, documents compilation and preparatory techniques to ensure you have a smooth immigration journey and ultimately, visa success.


We offer tutorials and trainings for standardized exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT. GRE, IGCSE and SAT. Our tutors are highly trained and our classrooms are highly conducive. Our state of the art tutoring center is equipped with learning facilities and teachers to provide you with the best preparatory experience to ensure you ace your exams. Depending on your status or need, we will advise the best test for you.


Are you a corporate organization, school, family or group and would like to embark on a summer tour, visit or training for a specified period? We offer a wide range of organized tour packages to countries like Dubai, United Kingdom, America, Canada, South Africa, Maldives, Mauritius……and a whole lot more! Our tour guides are highly trained and you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Tour packages can also be customized to suit your specific needs. Summer camp programs – summer is always an exciting time for the kids. Our summer program which is targeted at secondary and post-secondary students is a combination of fun, education and adventure. It is offered mostly in conjunction with schools but can be tailored to meet individual needs. Some of its immense benefits are international exposure, forming long lasting relationships and academic building. We organize, procure visas and handle logistics for participants. Professional training programs – From specialized programs to organizational courses and administrative trainings, Xportia Global Services Limited recognizes the need to constantly upgrade staff management expertise in an ever evolving work circle. We can arrange developmental short training/retreats abroad for teachers, company staff and managers.


Chaperon services – chaperoned travel services are in place for students’ i.e minors whose parents may not necessarily have the time to travel with their children. Chaperons are adults who are well conversant with the student’s travel destination.
Mentoring and custodianship – We remain involved with you even after the commencement of your program at the your study destination. We assist with services like guardianship, obtaining work permit, visa renewals, academic counselling, permanent residence and applying for visiting family members.
Orientation classes/Pre-departure briefing – Before travel, we hold a pre-departure session with clients where we provide them with in-depth knowledge of what to expect and deal with common travel challenges.
Settling services – Our services do not just end in Nigeria, we see you through all the way. Settling abroad may be a bit overwhelming, that is why we assist our clients particularly students with pre-booked accommodation, opening of bank accounts and procurement of telephone lines within 24 hours of their arrival.
Travel arrangement – Flight booking, hotel reservations, travel insurance and airport pick-up/drop-off are some of our services.